Put Your Content Here.  I live in  Santa Fe, New Mexico, and  most of my recient work is influenced by Native American facts, mythogies  in the Southwest and Northwest of the United States. I also paint   many Tree of Life images as they are symbolic of the true nature of  the unity of all forms of creation  on the earth, both in spirit  as well as in physical form.  The birds and animals of Costa Rica are also subjects of some of my drawings on black paper.  My work is both allegorical as well as reflective of the eternal  life Spirit that runs through the evolving consciousness of life in its many elements and dimensions.  Reciently  my work reflects the need to empower women (and men) to IMAGINE ( actively  work against the current political administration) and work with the forces  of evolving consciousness moving us toward embracing the natural /spiritual scientific  fact that  Unity,  love  among all nations, religions, humans  is where consciousness is headed , and nothing can stop this evolution. Those who fear and counteract the enevitability  of  this  Life force  create untold chaos and suffering.   I guess for now you could call me a political activist  artist. Something I never thought I would become.